MW Remastered – BEST Overall Gun – Modern Warfare Remastered Tips & Tricks

Published on May 3, 2017

MW Remastered – Best Overall Gun – Modern Warfare Remastered Tips & Tricks

A remastered version of Modern Warfare, entitled Modern Warfare Remastered, will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC alongside Infinite Warfare, only available with the purchase of either the Legacy, Digital Deluxe or Legacy Pro edition of Infinite Warfare.

Modern Warfare Remastered was developed by Raven Software, who developed multiplayer modes for several Call of Duty titles in the past, and executive produced by Infinity Ward. Development of the remaster began in early 2015, as a result of an online petition signed by fans of the original game. The remaster will come with the original campaign mode, as well as 10 maps for multiplayer at launch. The six remaining original maps will be released as free DLC in December 2016. It is set to have the same weapons, killstreaks, and game modes that were featured in the original game. Activision has confirmed that the movement system will stay true to the original game and that the remaster will also have dedicated servers.

An extended trailer for Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign mode was shown right after the Infinite Warfare gameplay reveal at E3 2016. After the trailer, it was revealed that PlayStation 4 users who pre-purchased (as opposed to pre-ordered) an edition of Infinite Warfare that comes with the remaster will be able to play the game’s campaign 30 days earlier, as part of Sony’s exclusivity deal with Activision. A gameplay video for the game’s “Crew Expendable” mission was released on July 14, 2016. The iconic mission features Captain Price and his Special Air Service squadron attacking a freight ship at sea during nighttime. The video displays the remaster’s improved graphics and lighting. The remaster’s multiplayer mode was revealed during the Call of Duty: XP 2016 convention. Attendees of the convention were able to play the multiplayer first with others.

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