MSBS – Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Published on January 12, 2018


In this episode: the MSBS – a modular Polish assault rifle design capable of filling a wide range of roles.

The MSBS’s damage is the highest within the assault rifle class, and is the only such weapon capable of killing with two shots to the body at a close range.

One burst kills are the norm out to a middle range, where damage quickly drops to a much less appealing 5 shot kill, for a minimum of two bursts.

As a burst fire weapon, your overall sustained rate of fire will be lower than that of an automatic: your maximum possible output equates to around 450 rounds per minute.

Within the burst, cyclic rate is very high, however: close to 900 rounds per minute.

Paired with the high damage up close, hipfire can sometime prove very effective as a last-ditch defence.

However, it is worth noting that the MSBS’s hipfire spread is slightly worse than a typical assault rifle – so you may want to equip steady aim, or ensure you’re at a point blank range before firing.

Recoil is quite high, deflecting rapidly upwards: although the burst fire mode does much to ensure good fire control.

Nevertheless, the latter portion of your burst may miss your intended mark at a distance, and as such you may often find you’ll need multiple bursts to ensure a reliable kill.

Aim time is standard for the assault rifle class, at 300 milliseconds: and movement speed is standard too, at 90 percent of the base speed.

Magazine capacity is the usual 30 rounds for an assault rifle, or 45 with extended mags: given that the burst fire mode of the MSBS will help moderate your consumption, reloads are seldom a problem.

In any case, resupplies are relatively quick – taking 2.63 seconds to complete.

The MSBS is a deadly 3-shot burst weapon, capable of quenching your enemy’s hopes faster than they can react.

It deals the highest per-shot damage in its class, and is the only assault rifle capable of killing in two shots to the body by default.

This lethal damage is meted out in a precise package, with the 3 rounds dispensed very quickly – and normally securing a kill.

However, the moderately high recoil and damage drop may conspire to deny you a one-burst despatch, and it’s here where the weapon suffers.

A mandatory burst delay means your next burst isn’t immediate, requiring a small pause and another pull of the trigger.

During this time, an automatic weapon may have the chance to tackle you, knocking you off target or dealing lethal damage.

Still, with careful aim you can minimise the number of bursts required – and for the accurate player the weapon will perform ably.

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