COD Ghosts DO’s & DON’Ts – Tips and Tricks For Multiplayer

Published on January 9, 2017

Call of Duty: Ghosts Tips and Tricks videos have been one of the driving forces behind Thug Lyfe Gaming’s success and many people have requested that I do another tip video for the game. Well I wanted to show the fans and community members of Thug Lyfe Gaming that I do take your opinions and requests seriously, so I decided to make another COD Ghosts Tips video. This video Features my favorite “Do’s and Don’ts” for Call of Duty: Ghosts. I go into detail on ten different tips and tricks for multiplayer.

Tip 10 — Follow The Leader — Many times in multiplayer you may find yourself in a really close match. The scoreboard is tight and you need a way to get the advantage on the enemy team. When this happens, put up the scoreboard and identify the player in first place on the enemy team. Then, communicate back and forth with your teammates on where his/her position is AT ALL TIMES. Rack up as many kills as you can and this will disrupt the enemy teams tactics and also prevent him/her from unlocking more killstreaks.

Tip 9 — Radar Check — I myself check my radar about ever 3-5 seconds to make sure I don’t miss an enemy. So this tip is to recognize the necessity for players to constantly check your radar to prevent any surprise attack and to update yourself with intel that could people to a better performance.

Tip 8 — Find Your Baby — Too many players in multiplayer jump from using one gun to another. Many players claim that they can’t find a favorite gun or loadout that best suites them, when the truth is, you have to make it suite you. Pick a weapon that fits your play style and stick to it. Through the thick and thin, constantly choose that weapon and over time, your play style and tactics within Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer will adapt and change, molding around that weapon itself.

Tip 7 — Play Worst Map — Every Call of Duty game has a set of maps or game types that you seem to not be very good at and most players attempt to skip or vote against playing these maps. Will this tips is to play those maps as much as possible. Consistency is key when it comes to player skill in call of duty and eventually over time, you will notice yourself performing much better on these maps.

Tip 6 — Stick To Outer Rim — While playing any Call of Duty: Ghosts map, your best chance of survival by staying along the outer rim of the maps. This makes you less vulnerable by allowing you to only have to worry about defending 3 sides of you rather than 4.

Tip 5 — Rat Trap — Lethal air support can be very intimidating to enemy players and will most of the time cause them to seek cover by running in-doors. To take advantage of this, save your I.E.D.’s for when you call out your Air Support and then lay them within any high-traffic building near the middle of the map.

Tip 4 — Mouse Trap — Let’s be honest. Many of your average Call of Duty players are extremely stubborn and seek revenge every time they get kills. So for this tip, after killing an opponent, lay an I.E.D. on top of his/her dead body. You will be surprised with how many enemy players will go back to the exact say spot where they died, either getting kills by your I.E.D. or alerting you to where they are.

Tip 3 — Spawn Trap — A fact that most people don’t realize in Call of Duty is that where you spawn at one point in the game, an enemy will most likely spawn at later in the game. So take advantage of this by instantly throwing a set of I.E.D.’s at your feet when you spawn.

Tip 2 — Juke Out — Frequently throughout multiplayer gameplay you will find yourself in a position where an enemy player see’s you first or begins shooting you first. When this happens locate a form of cover near you and sprint behind it as if you were running away. Then, once you have gotten behind it, stop and instantly come back around the side in which you came. You will be surprised with how many players believe you to be running away or perhaps around the other side of that object.

Tip 1 — Ring Around The Rosie — A safe tactic that many players tent to use is the ability to control a certain area of a map. When this happens, confuse your opponent by playing “Ring Around The Rosie”. At one entrance to the enemy’s area, shoot of your unsilenced weapon. Then, immediately sprint into a secondary entrance, catching the enemy off-guard who believed you to be where the gun-shots game from.

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