Call of Duty Ghosts / Best Loadout / Class Setup Strategy Guide

Published on January 14, 2017

This video covers the Best possible Loadout and Class Setup for Call of Duty Ghosts. I run over each slot of the loadout and explain what to use and why to use it.

Primary Weapon: Honey Badger – Overall it has good stats and compares well with other weapons when you incorporate the fact that it has an integrated silencer. The attachments I use on it are Fore grip and Tracker sight. The fore grip allows for a steady shot and the tracker sight highlights your enemies and improves Range and Accuracy.

Secondary Weapon: None – to allow for an extra perk slot

Lethal Equipment: I.E.D. – It is extremely useful for controlling territory, protection, and gets a high frequency of kills.

Tactical Equipment: None – to allow for an extra perk slot

Quick Draw – Allows you to get the first shot on your enemy which is extremely useful in Ghosts.
Off the Grid – Makes it so that enemy Sat Coms cant pick up your location and show where you are on the enemy’s mini map. Staying hidden is key to staying alive and boosting your K/D
Hardline – Requires you get one less kill to unlock your kill streaks which helps when one kill can mean a HUGE f=difference in your K/D. That one kill can cause a chain reaction of all of your kill streaks.
Extra Lethal – Gives you an additional piece of Lethal Equipment which is useful with two I.E.D’s because it allows you to guard or protected multiple entrances, rooms, or locations.

Kill Streaks ;
Guard Dog – Follows you wherever you go and even after you have died follows you to where you have spawned, killing anything in it’s path.
Sentry Gun – Allows for protection of areas or locations and is capable of getting kills extremely fast.
Battle Hind – Has a high kill rate and is only 2 kills away from the sentry gun allowing for a quick deployment.

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