Call of Duty Black Ops – G11 Assault Rifle – Burst Weapon Beginner Tips – Black Ops Multiplayer Tips

Published on January 12, 2018

Today I share with you some multiplayer tips for the original Call Of Duty Black Ops! I decided to go back and have some fun with my friend Kevin on what in my opinion, is one of the best COD games ever. I decided to use the G11 three round burst assault rifle, and it got me thinking about how I used to struggle with burst weapons in COD. I figured I’d give some tips on how to consistently be effective with burst weapons, and also tell you why the G11 from Black Ops is one of the best 3-round burst guns ever. I drop two chopper gunners, and show off the power of my GOLD G11. I hope you enjoy the video, and learn a thing or two. Hopefully this helps any beginners, or newer players to the COD series. Thanks for watching! PEACE

My XB1 GT: Stevio2175

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